Chronic Cough in Children Laguna Beach, CA

Chronic Cough in Children Laguna Beach

About Chronic Cough in Children

A chronic cough is one that persists for more than two weeks. There are many potential causes for this, some of them serious. Treatment of a chronic cough depends on the underlying cause.

While a chronic cough can be caused by pneumonia, most often it is less serious. Bronchitis is the most common cause of a chronic cough in children.

What are the Causes?

  • Asthma: While often accompanied by other indicators, sometimes the only symptom of this condition is a chronic cough.
  • Upper respiratory tract infection: A postnasal drip causes mucus to irritate the back of the throat. This is usually caused by a virus, and usually is accompanied by other symptoms.
  • Stomach or esophageal conditions: Although uncommon in children, refluxing acid can cause a chronic cough, and may appear silently without heartburn.
  • Nasal or sinus disease: As the sinuses or nasal passages become inflamed, it can result in a chronic cough. Sometimes this type of cough is caused by allergies.
  • Irritant cough: Exposure to irritants such as pollution or cigarette smoke may cause children to develop a chronic cough.
  • Inhaled foreign object: Foreign objects such as toys, candy, and food can be accidentally inhaled. A cough caused by a foreign object may last for weeks or months until the item is discovered.
  • Post-viral cough: After a viral infection, some children may experience a persistent cough that can last weeks. There is no clear cause and no specific treatment for this kind of cough, but they usually clear up on their own.
  • “Habit” cough: A cough with no physical cause. This is often a dry and repetitive barking cough.

How to Treat a Chronic Cough:

The treatment of a chronic cough depends on the underlying cause. While some, such a post-viral cough, need no treatment and will resolve on their own, more serious conditions may be diagnosed and need to be addressed. While medications may help in some cases, conditions such as asthma need more extensive care.

Newport Children’s team of pediatricians in Laguna Beach can help determine the cause of your child’s chronic cough and offer treatment options.

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