Kids with Temper Tantrums Laguna Beach

Kids with Temper Tantrums Laguna Beach

Young children with temper tantrums are inevitable, especially if they’re between the ages of 2- and 4-years old.  Once children with tantrums develop a wider range of language skills, beyond the expressive use of 150 to 200 words, they have outgrown it.  Basically as toddlers mature, they’ve learned to use the correct behavior in meeting their own goals and needs.  In Orange County and Irvine, the pediatricians of Newport Children’s Medical Group, would like you to know that you’re not alone in the tricky world of toddlers temper tantrums.  Studies indicate that 23 to 85 percent of children between 2 and 4 years of age will have a temper tantrum at one time or another.

What is temper tantrums in children?

Essentially, a child’s temper tantrum centers around physical and emotional outbursts that include, screaming, crying, kicking, lying on the floor, whining and other associated behaviors.  Much of this behavior can be attributed to their limited language skills.  Toddlers understand much more of the language they hear but are incapable of producing the necessary words needed to express how they feel or what they want.

Another conundrum for toddlers temper tantrums is that in their quest to emulate their parents they can run into trouble from time to time.  Children with temper tantrums are unable to distinguish between desirable and undesirable behaviors.  Often a child’s desire, for example, to climb on a bookcase, clashes with a parent’s need to provide them safety.  Whenever you have limited language skills, and a child’s need to express independence aligning with a parent’s desire to create boundaries, children tantrums are bound to erupt.

What to do when a child has a temper tantrum?

When you have fury in a child, temper tantrums seem to prevail for a lot longer than most parents can stand.  However, pediatricians at Newport Children’s Medical Group, implore parents in the Irvine and Orange County areas to ignore the chaos until calm prevails.  Once serenity is restored, parents can swoop in to assess the damage.   This relative calm exhibits itself as sadness.  It’s also a good time for parents to swoop in to provide comfort and explain to their child why temper tantrums are unacceptable.

Of course discipline should be provided.  But it should be brief and fit the crime.  Time-outs work well with a quick verbal explanation of why they are being held accountable.  Other strategies that work in preventing children temper tantrums is by  allowing them to make small choices in their daily lives.  Choices allow young children to express a little independence in acceptable ways, for instance, “would you like jelly or peanut butter on your toast, today?”

As pediatricians we’re asked what is excessive when it comes to toddlers and temper tantrums.  Outbursts which increase in frequency, duration and intensity with each episode may require a visit to a pediatrician.  Child temper tantrums that involve violence, hitting, spitting, hurting themselves or others requires the consultation of an expert.

At Newport Children’s Medical Group, we’re the experts in pediatric care for the Orange County and Irvine areas that can provide help with temper tantrums.  We’ll do a complete evaluation.  We discuss medical histories including any chronic illnesses or conditions.  We also check for hearing or vision problems, language delays or learning disabilities.  All of these issues can contribute to the frustration levels your child may be experiencing.   At Newport Children’s Medical Group, the health of your children comes first for a parent’s peace of mind.