Breast Pump & Scale Rentals Laguna Beach, CA

Breast Pump Rentals

Breast pumps make life a little easier on moms, when meeting a baby’s nutritional needs are desired.  It’s especially useful when breastfeeding is too inconvenient or a mother plans to return to work.  Besides convenience and the desire to give their babies a great nutritional start, breast pumps allow moms to comfortably express milk for many reasons.  Sometimes a mother may need stimulation to increase a low milk supply, relieve engorgement, or to relieve milk production pressure if she happens to be on medication and cannot breast feed for a period of time.  Certain medications while breastfeeding can be harmful to an infant.   Other reasons for pumping breast milk might be to help an infant that finds it difficult to “latch” properly for breastfeeding but their mother still desires the benefits of breast milk.  It can also be used in cases where lactation can ease the results of post pregnancy recovery even if the milk is not used.

There are various models of both manual and electric breast pumps available.  These breast pumps can cater to the needs of women who choose to pump several times a day or who prefer to pump breast milk in advanced.   The latest technology now enables women to even pump breast milk hands free.  “Hospital-grade” breast pumps have long been established as the most reliable and efficient, but can be expensive.  These breast pumps are available as rentals, and can help a mother establish milk production early.

Scale Rentals

Whether a mother plans to breastfeed or exclusively pump breast milk, many mothers worry about whether their baby is getting enough breast milk for weight gain.  Using a scale can help moms track their baby’s weight gain more efficiently.   Digital scales are now more accurate, portable and available to rent.

A common myth in circulation is that the amount of pumped breast milk is a good indicator of a baby’s milk intake and their weight gain.  But a mother should also consider how much of the milk is actually swallowed.  Other considerations to a baby’s breastmilk intake include wet diapers and frequent stools.  To monitor baby’s weight gain, mothers can follow the World Health Organization (WHO) Growth Curve Standards  as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.  Using these charts with a baby scale can accurately track a baby’s growth patterns and give moms peace of mind.